Corporate background and Organization


Executive summary

Bay Watch ELV System SDN BHD is a Bumiputra status company which registered May 1998. The company has been active inthe business for more than 20 years and expanded rapidly from just a few employees to approximately 12 employees at the time. Bay watch is also registered with the Ministry of Finance.

Given the rapid growth of the ICT industry since the mid 90s and with the encouragements and commitments of the Malaysian government to develop national infrastructures and service systems with the latest technology, Bay Watch took the steps to pro-actively engage the ICT industry and chose this field as its core business.

The scopes of the company's business are as follows

    1. Supply of hardware’s such as computers, servers, printers, scanners, UPS, switch/router, etc.
    2. Software Development & Application.
    3. Multimedia Content Development.
    4. Design & Implement Network (including wireless).
    5. Audio Visual Equipment, Studio, Lab, and Multimedia Conference System.
    6. Development of Building Automation Systems, Occupational Safety & Warning.
    7. Consultancy & Training.
    8. Maintenance & After Sales Support.
    9. Rental Services.

The company also offers consultancy services and project management services in which the experience and extensive knowledge of our team allows us to offer the services. We also 'outsource' if where there is a need.

Bay Watch’s ICT business scale ranges from various small projects as well as contracts worth tens of millions. Bay Watch has a paid up capital of RM 2,500,000.00 and financial facilities at almost RM 5,000,000.00. With a strong financial backup, it gives us the capacity to grow and help us in completing any projects awarded to us on time and without fail.

For over twenty (20) years in the ICT industry, the company and its staff have gained extensive experience in the ICT fields. Our employees with experience and knowledge have implemented projects successfully. They have always been praised and are trusted by organizations where the company has given it s services.

Good relations and cooperation with suppliers / manufacturers of internationally brands such as Acer, HP, Cisco, Canon, Dell, IBM, 3COM, Microsoft, Adobe, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Sony and others ensures quality and quality of goods supplied & the successful implementation of a project, especially with after sales support and warranties given by the manufacturers.

We are confident with our good reputation in the implementation of previous projects, the strong financial background and experienced company staffs, we can and provide our best services to the government or the private sector in implementing projects in the future.

In general, BAY WATCH has applied leadership in the supply of "State of the art technology", and directs its mission towards fulfilling the future outlook. This is based on the.

strength and maturity of the company's administration and cost savings within the organization. This is a very effective and allows us to overcome all obstacles to the implementation of a project.

Our company has also retained Consultancy as well as Research and Development in a range of Telecommunication and Information Technology skills as part of its strength because these enables our company to sit in the driving seat in the era of new technology. In addition, we can also apply these expertise’s to service the securities market segment especially in implementing IT solutions. This is what causes us to be the technology solutions expert and often leads competitors in the same field.

Company Organization structure